• High accuracy cutting of thin gauge to 1” materials.
  • All types of non-ferrous and carbon grades
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • 72” x 144” table bed


  • Plasma cut up to 3”
  • Oxy torch cut up to 8”
  • Drilling, boring, milling and beveling options
  • Large tables to handle plate up to 50ft long


  • CNC brake
  • 320ton capacity
  • Non-ferrous and carbon forming
  • Form up to 13.5ft long

About Us

Supplying customers with high quality parts and service continues to help Metal Connection grow with our customers.

Metal Connection is proudly owned and operated locally in Corman Park which is just outside the city limits of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We provide multiple services to the metal manufacturing industry operating within Canada and the United States.